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Community Leaders' Forum 2023

Community Leaders' Forum 2023

On November 16-17, organized by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG), supported by the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the "Community Leaders' Forum 2023" convened within the framework of the "Civil Society Initiative" project.

Approximately 170 participants, including community leaders and civil activists from across Georgia, as well as representatives from government agencies, business companies, and international organizations, actively engaged in the forum.

The attendees of this year's Community Leaders' Forum had the unique opportunity to gain insights into the experiences of various community organizations. They learned about outstanding community projects and initiatives supported within the program. The event also featured a video presentation highlighting the impact of the Community Leaders and Community Development Program.

In addition to the discussions, the forum hosted the traditional "Best Community Initiatives" competition for the 2021-2022 period. Out of the six community initiatives participating to the competition: 

  • "Our space for a better future" – Martkofi Youth Center was honored as the jury's choice.
  • "Preservation of the cultural heritage monuments of Truso Valley" by the organization "Lomeki" became the audience's favorite.


To recognize their outstanding contributions, each winner was awarded a special prize along with a £500 grant courtesy of the University of Birmingham.


The success of the "Best Community Initiatives" competition was made possible through the collaboration of various business entities. Notable contributors in preparing the community group’s presentations and establishing special awards included:

  • TBC Bank
  • Bank of Georgia
  • Credo Bank
  • Tegeta Holding
  • APM Terminals Poti
  • MBC

Several organizations generously established special prizes for participants in the competition, the contributors include: 

  • United Nations Development Program 
  • Bank of Georgia
  • Credo Bank 
  • ProCredit Bank
  • TBC Leasing 
  • Tegeta Holding 
  • Body Shop
  • Women's Union "RHEA"
  • Elkana
  • Artanuji Publishing
  • Tsinandali Estate - A Radisson Collection Hotel 
  • Community Development Centre (СDC)
  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) ( 22 organizations)

The group of community organizations includes organizations from various regions of Georgia: Akhalsopeli Youth Center; Community Foundation "Leli";  Community Based Organization “Ani-Bani”; Community Development Center “Aisi”;  Community Based Organization “Hereti”; Knowledge Cafe; Community Based Organization “Nukriani”; Initiative group “Temistvis”; Mediators’ Association of Guria; Digital Space - “More opportunity”; Chkhorotsku women's initiative group "Tanastsori"; Lesichine community women's initiative group "Deka"; Education and Development Center “Toliskuri”; Dimeli women; Tetritskaro Youth Center; Social Enterprise “Gumbati”; NTI - New Thinking Institute; Civic Development Association “Saga”; non-governmental organization "Bethlehem"; Racha Community Organization; Mukhrani Initiative Group; Community Based Organization “Kedeli”.

On the second day of the forum, multi-sector panel discussions were held on the following topics:

  • Positive practices and current challenges of cooperation with a self-government
  • Rural Tourism
  • Women's economic empowerment – Opportunities and Challenges
  • Historical memory and cultural heritage of the community
  • School meals and community well-being: Why should we advocate for school meals programs?

At the conclusion of the forum, a session titled "Open Space – Four Seasons" was dedicated to fostering stronger connections among community organizations and facilitating group discussions. 

View the photo gallery from the forum

Community Leaders’ Forum is one of the most prominent events, which has been organized by CSRDG since 2015 in partnership with and for CBOs, community leaders and initiatives groups. The topics of the event change from year to year according to the requirements, needs and desires of the community organizations at that moment. 

The supporters of this year's forum included European Union, Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Norway, Bread for the World and University of Birmingham.