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Grant competition to support community projects

Grant competition to support community projects

Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) announces a grant competition to support community projects.

Aim of the grant competition:

Support community projects/initiatives that will significantly contribute to the strengthening and capacity building of public, community organizations and activist groups both in terms of gaining public trust and effectively using local capacity/resources and thereby improving the image, flexibility and financial viability of the jewelery sector. sustainability.

Who can participate:

An active public or community organization with AAP status, as well as an initiative/activist group can participate in the competition. An organization/group can submit more than one grant application in the competition. However, no more than one grant will be awarded per organization/group.

Preference will be given to:

  • New organizations / groups of activists (with a history of at least one year);
  • organizations operating in the regions;
  • Initiatives aimed at vulnerable communities (mountainous regions, villages far from the administrative center, ethnic/religious minorities, SHMP, etc.).
  • Those project applications, where the involvement of women, various minorities or vulnerable groups in the activities is ensured.

The complete package of the submitted application includes the following documents:

  • Project application - prepared according to the sample attached to the competition application.
  • Annex #1 - Project activity plan - prepared according to the sample attached to the tender application.
  • Appendix #2 - Detailed budget - prepared according to the sample attached to the tender application.
  • Resumes (CV) of key members of the grant project implementation team.
  • An updated extract from the register of legal entities for the last 6 months of the applicants (in the case of a registered group).


Application Form

Competition Conditions


Action Plan


Interested organizations/groups should submit a complete application package in Georgian to the following e-mail address: star.community.grants@gmail.com

After sending, you will receive a response letter stating that your application has been received.

The deadline for sending applications by e-mail is January 17, 2023, 24:00.

Contact Information

For more information, you can contact us at the e-mail address: STAR.community.grants@gmail.com

Contact person: Ana Nadirashvili, Grant manager.